Our Staff


Mrs Atkinson – Head Teacher

Mrs Coverdale – Deputy Head Teacher and SENDCo



Mrs Antonini – Teacher

Mrs Bettley – Teacher

Mrs Brown – Teacher and Leader of Year 1 and Year 2

Mr Carter – Teacher

Mrs Dent – Teacher and Leader of Year 5 and Year 6

Mrs Dohring – Teacher

Mrs Forbes – Teacher

Mrs Hamblett – Teacher

Mrs Hood – Teacher

Miss Humphrey – Teacher

Mrs Lake – Teacher

Mrs Lewis – Teacher

Miss Mellor – Teacher

Mrs Meynell – Teacher and Lead for Vulnerable Pupils

Mrs Outhwaite – Teacher Leader of EYFS

Miss Readman – Teacher

Mr Rix – Teacher

Mr Robinson – Teacher

Miss Scott – Teacher

Mrs Smith – Teacher

Miss Turner – Teacher

Mrs Watson – Teacher

Mrs Williams – Teacher

Mrs Wilkinson – Teacher

Mrs G Wilson – Teacher and Leader of Year 3 and Year 4


Teaching Assistants

Mrs Cullinan – Teaching Assistant

Mrs Dale – Teaching Assistant

Mrs Dutton – Teacher

Mrs Green – Teaching Assistant

Mrs Heap – Teaching Assistant

Mrs Hubbert – Teaching Assistant

Miss Johnson – Teaching Assistant

Mrs Jones – Teaching Assistant

Mrs Little – Teaching Assistant

Mrs Macfarlane – Teaching Assistant

Mrs Massa – Teaching Assistant

Mrs Mulholland – Teaching Assistant

Mrs Nann – Teaching Assistant

Miss Perkovic – Teaching Assistant

Mrs Rouse – Teaching Assistant

Mrs Saint –  Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Mrs Snowdon – Teaching Assistant

Mrs Thom – Teaching Assistant

Mrs Walker – Teaching Assistant



Office Staff

Mrs Atkinson – Admin Assistant

Mrs Black – Senior Admin and Finance

Mrs Measor – School Business and Facilities Manager

Mrs Young Admin Assistant



Support Staff

Mrs Clegg – Lunchtime Assistant

Mrs Devlin – Kitchen Staff

Miss Dixon – Kitchen Staff and Cleaner

Mrs Doherty – Kitchen Staff

Mrs Farmer – Kitchen Staff

Mrs Ford – Lunchtime Assistant

Mrs Garbutt – Lunchtime Assistant Superviser

Mrs Johnson – Lunchtime Assistant

Mrs Kaur – Lunchtime Assistant

Mrs Lines – Lunchtime Assistant

Mrs Matthews – Kitchen Staff and Cleaner

Mrs McNeal – Lunchtime Assistant

Mrs Mughal – Lunchtime Assistant

Mrs Murphy – Lunchtime Assistant

Miss Parkinson – Lunchtime Assistant

Mrs Povey – Lunchtime Assistant

Mrs Purcell – Lunchtime Assistant and Cleaner

Mrs Siddiq – Lunchtime Assistant

Mrs Singh – Lunchtime Assistant

Mrs Tanner – Lunchtime Assistant

Mrs Thomas – Lunchtime Assistant and Cleaner

Mrs Trainer – Kitchen Staff

Mrs Wood – Cleaner

Mrs Wright – Lunchtime Assistant