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Sports Funding 2018/2019

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Sports premium April 2018


Sports Funding 2017/2018

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Swimming Data 2018

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Swimming Data 2018


Sports Funding 2016/2017

Ingleby Mill Sports Premium Financial Report 2016 – 17:-

How the money will be spent under each key indicator. Amount Targeted pupils Impact on pupils

(actual or expected)

Sustainability/what next?
1.     The engagement of all pupils in regular physical activity – kick starting healthy lifestyles.
Cyber Coach subscription £500.00 All Increased enjoyment/participation for children across school but not enough staff using it on a regular basis to justify costs Impact limited to those who used it – need a more integrated way to increase active participation across the curriculum
Resources £2000.00 All Curriculum delivery and accessibility has improved – impact across whole school. Resources are required to be of a good standard to allow delivery of the curriculum.
Active Playtime equipment £550.00 All Active playtimes are available for children across school Replenishing of stocks as required – stewardship has improved now that activities mainly take place in the gardens supervised by TAs
2.     The profile of PE and sport being raised across the school as a tool for whole school improvement.
School Games Gold Package membership £1100.00 All School has participated in many festivals and competitions which would not have been available otherwise. Continue to be part of the programme to sustain the current level, or develop further, the sporting opportunities.
PE leader release £1200.00 NA Leaders have good knowledge and understanding of their subject, its curriculum and standards. To continue the promotion of PE and Sport;

Ensure that staff are well equipped to teach PE.

3.     Increased confidence, knowledge and skills of all staff in teaching PE and Sport.
Specialist sports coach (football based). £1140.00 Reception, Year 1, Year2. Skill levels raised (pupils and staff) through fundamental movement.

All pupils in the classes accessed to highly skilled coaching;

CPD aspect creates sustainability through improved teacher knowledge.

Children’s skill levels will make KS2 learning begin at a higher level in this particular aspect of PE.

Subject Leader Team Teaching £1200.00 All Staff confidence in teaching specific elements in PE improved; CPD aspect creates sustainability through improved teacher knowledge.


4.     Broader experience of a range of sports and activities offered to all pupils.
Health and Fitness Week Variable All Improved awareness of the impact of lifestyle on health;

Improved access to new areas of physical activity.

Continue to include in the school timetable of themed weeks – look at greater community involvement
Visiting Coaches (taster sessions) Variable

Eg. tennis coach – £120.00

Varied e.g.

Tennis – Year3

Improved access to new areas of physical activity.

Interest sparked in a new physical activity.

As available.
5.     Increased participation in competitive sports.
Transport for sporting fixtures £2500.00 All attending festivals off site. Improved participation in competitive inter-school sport;

April 16 – April 17:
409 children took part in local sporting events  organised through the sports partnership. 318 of these children were from KS2 and 91 were from KS1 and EY. Festivals/Competitions where we took part were as follows:
Tag Rugby
KS1 Multisports
EY Multisports
Indoor Athletics
Cross Country

We had finalists in the Athletics, Cross-Country and Swimming tournaments.

Skill levels improved.


Continue to support the sporting calendar through providing suitable transport.



Sports Funding 2015/2016

Apr 14 – Mar 15

Funds Received – £10274

Total Spend – £12219

Planned Spend

£2500 Transport to competitive fixtures, festivals and events; cricket, tag rugby, football, tennis, orienteering)

£2000 PE Teacher (Secondary)

£201 resources

£4558 0.5 day release time PE Leader for staff CPD: model lessons & planning support.

£4960 – Participants in league/cluster/ town and regional sports events including:

Cross country




Tag Rugby



High Five Netball