At Ingleby Mill Primary School we offer a first-class, broad and balanced curriculum which is designed to cater for all pupils regardless of gender, race or level of intellectual ability. As well as being academically demanding, it is designed to promote the spiritual, moral, cultural, social, cognitive and physical development of each child.

Children at Ingleby Mill love learning and if you would like an idea of what is included in the curriculum for each year group, please click on the links below. At the top of the list is a link to our remote learning offer – information for parents.

If you would like further information regarding the curriculum in school, please contact the school office on 01642 761985. Our Curriculum Leader is Mrs Andrae Dent, Assistant Head Teacher.


Ingleby Mill – providing remote education during enforced isolation or national lockdown

Early Years Curriculum Overview

Early Years Reading spine and themes

English – Phonics Rationale

English – Phonics Progression Document

English – Reading Rationale

English – Progression of Skills in Reading

English – Writing Rationale

English – Progression of Skills in Writing

Overview of Y1 Writing Curriculum

Overview of Y2 Writing Curriculum

Overview of Y3 Writing Curriculum

Overview of Y4 Writing Curriculum

Overview of Y5 Writing Curriculum

Overview of Y6 Writing Curriculum

English – Progression of Skills in Spelling

English – Progression of Skills in Spoken Language

1 – Maths Place Value

2 – Maths Addition and Subtraction

3 – Maths Multiplication and division

4 – Maths Fractions

5 – Maths Ratio and Proportion

6 – Maths Algebra

7 – Maths Measurement

8 – Maths Geometry properties of shape

9 – Maths Geometry position direction and movement

10 – Maths Statistics

Art Whole School Curriculum Overview

Computing Whole School Curriculum Overview

DT Whole School Curriculum Overview

French Key Stage 2 Curriculum Overview

Geography Whole School Curriculum

History Whole School Curriculum

Music KS1 Curriculum Overview

Music KS2 Curriculum Overview

PE Whole School Curriculum Overview

PSHCE Whole School Curriculum

RE Christianity Whole School Curriculum Overview

RE Whole School Curriculum

Relationships & Health Education (RHE) Whole School Curriculum Overview

Science Whole School Curriculum Overview




Parents have the right to make a complaint about the curriculum we offer and the LA has established a procedure for considering these complaints. We hope that parents would feel able to raise their concern in the first instance with the class teacher or Head teacher. We value this informal dialogue and are always willing to listen and discuss ways to further improve what we offer the children here.

Parents can request to see copies of the National Curriculum, OFSTED report summaries, policies in use etc, by arrangement.