Early Years

Welcome to Ingleby Mill Early Years

At Ingleby Mill Primary School we are committed to providing a high quality early years education which gives children a secure and confident start to their school life and nurtures a lifelong love of learning. Children  have the opportunity to learn through play which is fun, challenging and engaging. Adults provide high-quality interactions to develop and deepen learning, and are role models for the children and their learning. We deliver our curriculum through a balance of adult-led and child-initiated activities.

AIMS – We aim to ensure that our whole community provides children with the opportunity for growth and development through the acquisition of skills, attitudes and knowledge in a safe, encouraging and sometimes challenging environment.

VALUES – Across all areas of learning we value:
Happiness – when we enjoy what we are doing, we learn at our best
Confidence – when we have confidence, we will always ‘have a go’
Creativity – when our creativity is developed, we can think and learn in imaginative ways
Perseverance – when we are encouraged to keep going, even when the going gets tough, we develop resilience, positive outlooks and self-belief
Respect – when we are respectful, we see things through the eyes of others

We have a school motto to support our values based around the initial letters of our school name.


To find out more about what happens in early years at Ingleby Mill, please click on the links below for our Curriculum Maps and EYFS Policy. Scroll down to meet the early years team or click on page 2 to view our gallery of photos showing learning in reception and nursery.
Nursery Progression Maps: Nursery Long Term Plan     Literacy – N     Mathematics – N     Communication and Language – N     Expressive Arts and Design – N    
Personal Social and Emotional Development- N     Physical Development – N     Understanding the World – N

Reception Progression Maps: Reception Long Term Plan    Literacy – R    Mathematics – R     Communication and Language – R     Expressive Arts and Design – R     
Personal Social and Emotional Development- R     Physical Development – R     Understanding the World – R

Policy for Early Years
EYFS Policy

Meet the Team

Mrs Outhwaite

Mrs Richardson

Miss Hogarth

Mrs Lake

Mrs Siddiq

Mrs Dale

Mrs Rose

Miss Derbyshire

Miss Johnson

Mrs Da Motta Carvalho