School Council

The Ingleby Mill Primary School Council is made up of pupil representatives from each class across key stages 1 and 2. The council meets with our Head Teacher, Mrs Atkinson, about once every three weeks to discuss a whole range of important issues affecting school life. For example, in the autumn term one of our year 4 school councillors talked to the council about a good idea a pupil had made in his class about having a class suggestion box. The pupil was invited to the next school council meeting to tell us more about his idea and councillors were so impressed that they voted to have suggestion boxes in every class. Also during this year, some of our older school councillors have taken on the responsibility of interviewing the next generation of potential teachers as part of Stockton SCITT’s recruitment and selection process.

Last year pupils across school were asked what they most liked about their school as well as anything they thought could be improved. The main outcomes are listed below.

Top 5 things key stage 1 pupils like about Ingleby Mill Primary School:

  • Their teacher
  • Their friends
  • Taking home ‘Care Bear’, ‘Billy Bear’, ‘Bobby Bear’
  • Learning (new things, maths, Big Write, about The Gruffalo)

Top 5 things key stage 1 pupils would like to see improved at Ingleby Mill Primary School:

  • More equipment outside
  • A more colourful uniform
  • More teachers
  • Another adventure trail
  • Smarter lining up

Top 5 things key stage 2 pupils like about Ingleby Mill Primary School:

  • The Teachers (kind, helpful, putting us straight when we need it, smiley, when you need help you get help)

  • Play times
  • School trips
  • Learning (fun, interesting, good projects, fascinating, maths, art, PE)
  • The environment (big school, space to move, calm gardens, displays – help on the walls)

Top 5 things key stage 2 pupils would like to see improved at Ingleby Mill Primary School:

  • Longer play times
  • More equipment at play times
  • A running track
  • A school Olympics
  • More clubs – gardening, cricket, rugby, singing, x-box

Progress so far:

In response to the suggestion about uniform, school councillors held discussions with their classes to find out what children felt across school about making changes to the uniform. Children in years 1-5 voted to look into making some changes. Children in year 6 voted against with feedback being that they didn’t want to make changes that they wouldn’t see through to the final result. We discussed uniform changes further at our next meeting and decided that we should also consult with parents as they are the uniform buyers. In January 2017 we sent out a letter from the school council asking for their opinion about a change to the school uniform. We had a good response from parents and carers and overall they voted not to change the uniform. We fed this information back to pupils along with the decision to adhere to the decision of parents as uniform buyers. In September 2017 there will be one uniform change made which will affect current year 5 children. Our uniform for children in year 6 (only) from September 2017 will include a JADE polo. This will ensure that our oldest children are highly visible around school as role models, monitors and friendship buddies.

In order to raise funds for more play equipment, school councillors asked pupils in their classes for fundraising ideas. The top two ideas were a sporting tournament and a talent show (Ingleby Mill’s Got Talent). As our PE Leaders, Mrs Hamblett and Mrs Smith are planning a family sporting event in June, we decided to go with the talent show. School councillors organised the sign-up sheets for IMGT then Class teachers and school councillors were the judges in each class for the audition rounds (I don’t think we had too many Simon Cowells!)

The finals were then held on the last day of the Spring term when it was down to the public vote (the audience paid £1.00 to vote for their favourite). We had a fabulous array of talent with winning entries in contemporary dance, singing and tap dance. Everyone enjoyed themselves and we raised £470 which has now been spent on games, goal posts, blackboards, blankets and quiet activities (eg weaving) to improve our outdoor play.

This term our focus is in providing information for Mrs Measor, School Business Manager, who organises our after-school clubs and activities. School councillors will ask their classes about the sorts of after school clubs they would like to see at Ingleby Mill Primary School.

A School Councillor at IMPS is expected to:

  • Listen to the views of other children in their class
  • Attend all School Council sessions
  • Inform the School Council of the views of their class
  • Give feedback to their class about the decisions made or actions to be taken by the School Council.

The School Council has been involved in many activities including:

  • Working with the Stockton Junior Neighbourhood Watch Scheme. The children have been learning about fire safety, good citizenship and improving personal safety. This information has then been made available to all of the children in school.

  • Working to support the ‘Fair Trade’ agenda where the children have been helping to develop increased awareness across the school.
  • Organizing fundraising events: Children in Need / Sport Relief Day / Fair Trade Fortnight / IMPS shop.
  • Representing the pupils of IMPS at a range of school meetings throughout the year.
  • Constructing the Seven Sails of Success: pulling together the ideas of children and staff into one poster like document which sums up their opinions on what makes a successful learner.


Our School Council makes a great contribution to our school.