School Council


The Ingleby Mill Primary School Council is made up of pupil representatives from each class across key stages 1 and 2. The council meets with our Head Teacher, Mrs Atkinson, about once every three weeks to discuss a whole range of important issues affecting school life. For example, during the autumn term 2023 school councillors took the lead in gathering feedback from our pupil survey. Councillors wanted some feedback from across school about two important questions: 
1. What do pupils most love about our school?
2. What would make our school even better?


The main outcomes from across school are listed below.

Top 5 things pupils love about Ingleby Mill Primary School:

  • The large playground and play equipment
  • We are surrounded by friends
  • The kind staff
  • The computer suite and IPADs
  • Fundraising for school and for charity

Top 5 things pupils think would make our school even better:

  • A reading tent or outdoor reading area
  • Even more play equipment
  • More fundraising
  • Soft surfacing under the blue shelters so you don’t get muddy
  • Pyjama day or more non-uniform days


A School Councillor at IMPS is expected to:

  • Listen to the views of other children in their class
  • Attend all School Council sessions
  • Inform the School Council of the views of their class
  • Give feedback to their class about the decisions made or actions to be taken by the School Council


The School Council has been involved in many activities including:

  • Organising fundraising events
  • Representing the pupils of IMPS at a range of school meetings throughout the year – feeding back suggestions, ideas and opinions
  • Representing school at events such as the Remembrance Service at the Stockton Remembrance Garden
  • Supporting governors in recruiting great members of staff by asking questions to candidates in a school council panel

Our School Council makes a great contribution to our school.