Science Activities

This year we are adding a WOW science activity to our science curriculum. We want to encourage all our children to see themselves as scientists and have even more inspiring and exciting experiences with simple, but effective, skills based practical activities.

We would like to encourage as many children as possible to have a go at some science investigations at home and each term we will add a WOW science activity onto the school website so you can have some great science too!

This term all our children from Nursey to Year 6 have had a WOW science lesson exploring, observing and asking questions about bath foam.

Here are some of their pictures.


“I thought it would be cold because it looks like snow!”

Autumn 1 2017: Bath foam

What you will need
Bath foam ( Home Bargains / Tesco )

HEALTH AND SAFETY: Make sure the children are told not to
put foam in their mouths or eyes. Be aware of any skin allergies.

When you shake the can what can you here? What do you think will be inside the can? Give the children some foam to explore, shape and have fun with. You could ask, What do you think is in the can? How does it change? Can you shape it? What do you think it is made from? What would happen over time, what would you like to find out about, how could you devise a test to find out?

You could draw or write about what you observe in a scrapbook or make a WOW science project book. Have fun!

Like to do another?
Ice Cube race. (reference
Start with two ice cubes and predict (guess) which material will ‘win’ the race on a metal and a plastic container.
You could time the ‘race’ or video it. Add food colouring, flags, or customise your cubes. How could you stop the ice from melting? Think of your own questions you would like to investigate and test it out!