School Uniform Policy

School Uniform Policy

We have a school uniform which we expect all children to adhere to. We want children to look neat and tidy and to take a pride in their appearance.

Our uniform is as follows: 

  • navy sweatshirt/ cardigan
  • white polo shirt/ blouse/ shirt (tucked in)
  • grey trousers/ shorts or skirt/ pinafore (knee-length)
  • blue and white checked or striped dresses in summer (optional)
  • black shoes
  • Children in Year 6 wear a jade polo shirt

The above uniform items can be purchased from any supplier including local supermarkets or from Elizabeth’s Embroidery if you wish the school logo to be included:


We ask that all children wear ‘proper’ school shoes during the school day. Trainers should not be worn apart from for PE lessons.

Please note that denim jeans, drainpipe trouser, football tops and designer logos are not allowed.

We have a PE uniform as follows:

  • indoor – plain white t-shirt and navy shorts
  • outdoor – as above plus trainers and plain navy jogging bottoms and navy sweatshirt for colder weather (children can wear their navy uniform sweatshirt for this purpose)

Swimming – Children in years 3 and 4 swim in 2 week blocks of one-hour-long sessions at Thornaby Swimming Pool. Parents are told in advance about sessions. Children will need a towel and one piece swimming costume/trunks. Ear studs are not allowed under any circumstances for swimming.

All clothing and possessions should be clearly marked with your child’s name.


For safety and security reasons we do not allow children to wear jewellery of any description for school (e.g. necklaces, rings, bracelets). Children who inadvertently wear jewellery, will be asked to remove it and give it to the teacher for safe keeping until the end of the day.

Children with pierced ears may wear 1 small ear stud in each ear (not ear-rings) which must be removed for P.E. and swimming by the child her/himself.  Children who are not able to manage this should therefore not wear ear studs.

Children with newly pierced ears who have been advised not to remove their ear studs for a number of weeks, will need to place a small piece of micro pore over the ear stud prior to taking part in P.E. activities.  Such children will not be allowed to take part in organised school swimming activities as the policy regarding the non- wearing of jewellery is strictly upheld by the teaching staff at the Thornaby Swimming Baths. We therefore ask parents who are considering having their child’s ears pierced to do so at the start of the 6 weeks’ summer holiday.

Watches may be worn by older children in Y2 – Y6. Children will be personally responsible for their care and security.